Gough Collection of 10 Short Stories: Volume #1


Gough Collection: 10 Short Stories is a collection of thrilling tales in many genres. In this collection, you will find stories that take you out of this world and into the deepest, darkest corners of space. But you will also find some that home right into your primal fears.

Jump right into the eerie corridors of Watch the Time, a tale of psychological horror that will leave you questioning the boundaries of reality. And brace yourself for the moral quandaries of Desperate Trigger, where the thin line between right and wrong is blurred beyond recognition.

With Gough Collection: 10 Short Stories, prepare to lose yourself in a maze of intrigue, suspense, and unexpected revelations. But heed the warning: some tales may linger long after the final page is turned—best savoured under the light of day.


Rabbit: Mystery, Psychological Thriller

Death Day: Dystopian Fiction, Speculative Fiction

Laurel: Sci-Fi Mystery, Thriller

Watch the Time: Psychological Horror, Suspense

Desperate Trigger: Psychological Thriller, Moral Dilemma

Last Leg: Mystery, Survival, Suspense

Hello World: Thriller, Mystery, Suspense

Goodbye Neighbour: Dark Humour, Thriller, Psychological

The Last Stand: Horror, Survival, Thriller

New Meadow: Post-Apocalyptic, Thriller, Dystopian