Shouldn’t Have Looked Up

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George and his intrepid friends had huddled around campfires for years and swapped stories of their dreams and aspirations. Among their most cherished dreams was the annual summer pilgrimage into the heart of the unknown to brave their deepest fears and conquer a rite of passage-spending an entire night in the enigmatic embrace of the Black Fern Forest.

The calendar pages turned, seasons shifted, and the stars aligned as the boys' long-cherished plan materialized. They were now on the cusp of taking the plunge, venturing into the dark recesses of the legendary Black Fern Forest, an enigmatic realm steeped in folklore and the whispered legends of locals.

But as they delved deeper into the forest, an unsettling question loomed in their minds: were the eerie stories of an entity known as the Nightman genuine, or merely the fabrication of a collective imagination meant to keep curious children at bay? The Nightman, a spectre of dread, had haunted the tales passed down from generation to generation, casting a foreboding shadow over the forest like a guardian of its darkest secrets.

George, Dylan, Thomas, Alex, and Liam- brave souls driven by youthful enthusiasm and an unquenchable thirst for adventure- pushed deeper into the inky blackness, forging further than they ever had before. The canopy of ancient trees obscured the moon's soft glow, and the forest whispered its secrets in hushed voices. The once comforting sounds of night creatures now took on a more sinister note, and shadows lengthened ominously.

Will the legends prove true, or will the darkness reveal an even more unsettling truth?

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That was brutal, oh my goodness.