Forgive Me Lord

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Eldenhaven Series

In the quaint village where time seems to stand still, Oliver Morgan other. But Oliver's world is upended when a mysterious stranger named Theodore walks through the door, bringing with him an air of enigma that soon turns into something far more sinister.

As unexplainable events begin to unfold in the once-peaceful village, Oliver is thrust into a chilling tale of supernatural horror. Theodore, with his dark and ominous presence, reveals abilities that defy explanation, casting a shadow of dread over Oliver's life. The safety of his mother and the sanity of the village hangs in the balance as Oliver grapples with the reality of a malevolent force dwelling under his roof.

With the help of the devout Mrs. Patterson, Oliver confronts the encroaching evil. In a gripping showdown between faith and fear, the true nature of Theodore's powers comes to light. The battle that ensues is not just for the survival of Oliver's mother but for the soul of the village itself.

Forgive Me Lord weaves a suspenseful narrative that blends the mundane with the macabre. This story is a journey through the shadows of doubt and the power of belief, where the line between the natural and the supernatural becomes unsettlingly blurred. It's a tale that asks the reader to consider the unseen forces that shape our lives and the strength it takes to face them.

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Customer Reviews

Good Read - Great new author


Amazing read! I couldn’t put it down. 10/10

Truly a life-changing event for Oliver

You use vivid sensory language, and at times dry and sarcastic humour which I really appreciate. I can tell from the first few chapters this is a very well written novel, and the main character has been established well using show don't tell. This is a very high calibre of writing, the grammar and spelling are almost flawless.

Love your writing style!!