Thank Me Lord

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Eldenhaven Series

In the shadows of the unseen, where legends whisper and fears manifest, lies the key to a mystery that threatens to unravel the fabric of reality. Thank Me Lord, invites you into a world where the veil between the natural and the supernatural is thinner than ever before.

Nathan and Michael, two friends bound by curiosity and a shared encounter with the inexplicable, are thrust into the heart of an ancient conflict. Guided by Oliver, a guardian of secrets with scars from battles unseen, they embark on a quest for answers that leads them to the doorstep of the enigmatic Mac. His abode, a nexus of the arcane and the forbidden, holds truths that many have sought but few have survived to understand.

As the trio delves deeper into the mystery of Henry's disappearance, they uncover a plot to awaken a force not of this world—a search that will test the limits of their friendship and their grasp on reality.

Thank Me Lord weaves a tale of dark intrigue and spectral machinations, where every discovery brings them closer to a truth that is as unsettling as it is urgent. With time running out and the shadows closing in, Nathan, Michael, and Oliver must confront what lies in the dark... and what lies within themselves.

Will they find the strength to face the coming darkness, or will their journey lead them to a fate worse than they could imagine? In the quest for salvation, sometimes the most outstanding demons to conquer are the ones within.

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