Protect Me Lord

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Eldenhaven Series

In the quaint town of Eldenhaven, Nathan Dewhurst, stumbles upon a mysterious symbol, unlocking the secrets of a forgotten cult, The Elders. As Nathan and his friends delve into the town's dark history, they uncover a chilling connection to the Elderwood Tree.

Their journey leads them to a small shack, concealing ancient whispers and a truth that transcends the boundaries of the natural and the supernatural. Protect Me Lord is a riveting mystery, weaving suspense, friendship, and the relentless pursuit of truth.

Will Nathan and his friends escape the shadows, or will The Elders secrets ensnare them in a web of deception? Explore the depths of Eldenhaven's haunting past in this gripping tale.

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Customer Reviews

Great second book - Waiting for the next in the series


Good story - I quite enjoyed reading this story even though it isn't my genre. Looking forward to try another book

Absolutely Great Read - I've read a few of Edward's books now and I have to say they are all very good. Highly recommend what more can I say apart from give them a read. I've just finished this book and my partner has also read it and we both agree that it was a good read and we can't wait for more of Edwards books.

Awesome read - Brilliantly written. I look forward to reading more of this authors work!