So What Now?

So What Now?

May 4, 2024

I believe I learned about Wattpad at the beginning of 2023. It seemed like a great place to share my stories and grow an audience from a different area of the web. Instantly, I uploaded a handful of my short stories and even created the short story that started the Eldenhaven series Forgive Me Lord.

After being on the site for over a handful of months, I wanted to participate in what was known as a serialised novel. This is where a new chapter would be released on a regularly scheduled basis. It was all too similar to how some TV series are viewed on a weekly basis. This spawned the idea of the Web of Lies.

Web of Lies was a great project that gave rise to this idea and was my first project to follow this release method. However, along the way, I felt it didn’t align with how I wanted to write, publish, and share my work. I wanted to talk to you today about my decision on Wattpad going forward.

My Future on Wattpad

If you’ve been following my progression over on Wattpad, you may have realised that, as of late, I haven’t been updating there, and new stories haven’t been published on the site at all. You may also have noticed that certain stories have been removed altogether.

In essence, I’m leaving Wattpad.

So What Now?

Any free-to-read stories will be published directly on my site, here at, where you can read them from my blog. As before, any of my paid works will still be available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Although you may have seen that the Gough Shop is now back up and running, enabling me to share my work from here. Plus, with the help of Patreon, if you are a member, you will be able to pick up these stories completely free as part of your Patreon subscription.


My Patreon page has three subscription levels: Reader, Fan, and Supporter. Each has its own benefits, which you can learn more about directly on my Patreon page or here over on the Patreon section of my website.

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