One Dark Collection

I’m pleased to announce that a collection of my short stories, ones which have been published in a variety of places, are coming to Amazon Kindle and soon to be Paperback and Hardback copies.

One Dark Collection, a collection of short stories will include stories such as Forgive Me Lord and Goodbye Neighbour.

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Forgive Me Lord

Like every other normal, mundane Thursday afternoon Oliver stood behind the counter at his family shop. The day was slow and the customers hardly stepped foot inside.

At least it was until a gentleman calling himself Theodore enters into Morgan’s Fresh Essentials, and into Oliver’s life. His mother, Mrs Morgan, has been bedridden for months, only recently returning from hospital. Unable to care for herself, Oliver has to take on the extra weight. But there is something wrong with Theodore. Something that is clawing away at him as every single second goes by.

Shouldn’t Have Looked Up

Everything is going to plan and the boys are taking the plunge into the dark recesses of the forest.

George, Dylan, Thomas, Alex and Liam go further into the dark forest than ever before. But what is lurking in the shadows with them?

Flowers of the Forest

When George and his friends ventured out into the forests of The Black Fern Forest they didn’t realise that unnatural occurrences would have taken place.

Elliot’s curiosity runs overdrive when he sees imagery of this forest, of the extraordinary scenes that fill this dark forest.

Goodbye Neighbour

When Lewis arrives for work in the morning there is only one thing on his mind. Getting rid of the horrible neighbour known as Frank.

Body in the Office

“A quiet village. An office building. One body and four suspects.”

Detective Christopher Watkins is called to the scene of a murder at a local building block of offices. He walks onto the scene of a murdered female with a red rose in her hand.

With the victim tangled in a web of affairs eventually, Detective Christopher Watkins can weed out the truth.

Further announcements will be coming when the Paperback copy is available, followed shortly after by the Hardback.