Last Chance to get Protect Me Lord Completely Free Back

Last Chance to get Protect Me Lord Completely Free

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Protect Me Lord, book 2 in the Eldenhaven series, is free this weekend on Amazon. If you haven’t already, why not grab this free copy, including book #1, Forgive Me Lord, inside?

Forgive Me Lord

The first instalment in the Eldenhaven series follows Oliver Morgan, a young man with the weight of not only his ill mother but also the family business to tend to. This is made all the more difficult when a man calling himself Theodore arrives through his shop doors and turns his life upside down.

Forgive Me Lord is available on Amazon as a copy or part of Protect Me Lord’s purchase. It is also available to read through Wattpad.

Protect Me Lord

The second instalment continues the story with a range of new characters. It follows Nathan Dewhurst, a young schoolboy, and his friends as they search for information on a potentially real secretive cult with roots in Eldenhaven.

Protect Me Lord is available on Amazon. You can also purchase a signed physical copy directly from The Gough Shop.

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