Forgive Me Lord: Chapter 6 - Words by Edward Gough

Forgive Me Lord: Chapter 6

Oct 27, 2023

TWO DAYS LATER Oliver was behind the counter at Morgan’s Essentials as he normally was. Sitting on his stool patiently waiting for the next customer to come through the door. 

However, there was something different about him, about this moment as he sat here now compared to all the other many thousands of moments he had been sitting here. 

Part of him feared something like Theodore would walk through that door again. That they would force themselves into his life as he had done. How they would also eternally scar him with the images of their smile.

Such a sickening smile.

He was grateful that right at this very moment he didn’t have to deal with Theodore. Couldn’t stand to hear his deep villainy chuckle. Didn’t want to have to cope when he called him Dear Boy again.

The bell chimed as the shop door opened. Mrs. Patterson walked in, alone. She was wearing what looked to be her finest leopard print shirt. Black slacks with orange Crocs. Her pink-coloured toenails are on show for all to see. 

“Good morning, Mrs Patterson.” He shouts over from the counter. Thankful that it wasn’t the Theodore-Two that he had been dreading. 

Mrs Patterson looked over with her large elderly woman smile. “Morning, Oliver. Back again already.” She giggles, covering her teeth with her hand. 

“They’ve not eaten through all that chocolate already?”

Her smile said it all. Mrs Patterson was about to walk down the aisle towards the chocolates and sweets but stopped and walked up towards Oliver at the shop counter. 

“I’m glad you didn’t end up speaking with that gentleman from the Church.” She says. 

“Why’s that?” Oliver asks. 

She leans in across the counter. “Brian hadn’t even heard of him before.” She begins, looking around the shop for any listeners. 

“He made some calls and it turned out he doesn’t belong to any Church or known by anyone there. Brian confronted him about it a couple of days ago. Haven’t seen or heard from him since. Reckon he must have gone to some other village.”

Only a couple of days ago did Theodore walk into this shop, and only a couple of days ago did he claim to be able to help with everything. Also. . . now that he thinks about it, he was initially claiming to be with the Church, when he mentioned helping his mother with the help of God Himself.

Could this gentleman be the same one who is now upstairs taking care of his mother? Whatever that actually meant. He wasn’t even allowed to step foot into her bedroom when he was in there. 

He had no idea what he was doing but when Oliver spoke with his mother she didn’t seem to be scared or panicked by him. All she kept repeating was that he had been “taking the bad away”.

Again, whatever that meant. 

Had this man just conned him and his mother? The thought of him being up there right now with her became all of a sudden even more apparent. 

What the hell was he doing up there?

Oliver turned to look at the door which read ‘STAFF ONLY’. The very same one which led up the staircase and up into the apartment above. Watching the empty doorway, not really sure what he was expecting but it wasn’t what came next. 

Muffled, but still loud enough for Oliver and Mrs Patterson to hear came the weak scream of his mother from upstairs.

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