Dusk Descends: Confronting the Shadows in Shouldn’t Have Looked Up - Words by Edward Gough

Dusk Descends: Confronting the Shadows in Shouldn’t Have Looked Up

Jan 1, 2024

Hello there,

I’m thrilled to announce that my latest short story, “Shouldn’t Have Looked Up,” will be available for free on Wattpad starting January 4th. Join me on a spine-chilling expedition into the heart of the unknown, deep within the legendary Black Fern Forest. Brace yourselves for a journey where folklore and reality blur, and shadows whisper secrets that beckon the curious and the brave.


George and his intrepid friends had gathered around campfires for years, sharing dreams and aspirations. Among their most cherished dreams was an annual summer pilgrimage into the heart of the unknown – a rite of passage that would test their courage and resilience. Their destination? The enigmatic Black Fern Forest was a realm steeped in folklore and whispered legends that had captivated the imaginations of locals for generations.

The Ominous Nightman

As the stars aligned and the boys’ long-cherished plan materialized, they were on the verge of a daring adventure. Venturing into the dark recesses of the Black Fern Forest, they couldn’t shake the unsettling question that loomed in their minds – were the eerie stories of the Nightman genuine, or were they merely the fabrications of collective imagination designed to deter curious children?

The Nightman, a spectral figure of dread, haunted the tales passed down through the ages, casting a foreboding shadow over the forest. As George, Dylan, Thomas, Alex, and Liam delved deeper into the inky blackness, the once comforting sounds of the night took on a sinister note. The ancient trees’ canopy obscured the moon’s glow, and shadows lengthened ominously, creating an atmosphere thick with anticipation and unease.

A Descent into Darkness

Driven by youthful enthusiasm and an unquenchable thirst for adventure, their brave souls are pushed further into the forest’s heart than ever before. The forest whispered its secrets in hushed voices, and the legends of the Nightman seemed to come alive in the shadows. Will the tales prove accurate, or will the darkness reveal an even more unsettling truth?


Join me as we unravel the mysteries of “Shouldn’t Have Looked Up” and confront the shadows that lurk within the Black Fern Forest. Stay tuned for updates on my personal website, where I’ll keep you informed about the release of this spine-tingling tale and other thrilling adventures on the horizon. May your curiosity be your guide as we navigate the eerie unknown together.

Happy reading!

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